This agreement is very good news for many young teachers and is evidence of how matters of concern can be resolved through dialogue. It is regrettable that the young teachers in our sector cannot be comprehended by this salary increase because the ASTI is not party to the Landsdowne Road Agreement.

The JMB would obviously want these young teachers in the voluntary secondary sector to benefit from the increases outlined, which would go a long way towards addressing the anomaly whereby new entrants entering the profession since 2012 are paid less than their colleagues.

Also of concern is that, as it stands, and because of the current impasse between the ASTI and the government, young teachers in our sector have to wait longer than their counterparts in the other teaching sectors before being awarded what in effect are permanent contracts and this will have significant impact.

Furthermore, issues around the implementation of the new Junior Cycle and the use of the so-called Croke Park hours will have to be resolved.  The stance of the ASTI is at variance with that of the other teacher unions and this is causing acute difficulty in our schools.

With regard to the implementation of the new Junior Cycle specifically, there is understandable concern among pupils and their parents, especially given the possible implications for those taking the English examination next summer.

In the light of all of these outstanding matters and the agreement with the other teacher unions that has just been concluded, the JMB would urge that the parties involved would engage in meaningful dialogue as a matter of urgency.

John Curtis
General Secretary
Joint Managerial Body (JMB)

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