Media Coverage

Irish Independent: At the JMB annual conference, Professor Philip Nolan, president of Maynooth University, responds to some negative reaction to changes for the 2017 State exams. Read article

Irish Independent: The five-day wait between the release of the results and the publication of points compounds student stress, Fr Paul Connell, president of the Joint Managerial Body (JMB) said.

Irish Times: Ms O’Sullivan was speaking at the annual meeting of the Joint Managerial Body (JMB), which represents the boards of management of two-thirds of secondary schools, including those under Catholic patronage. In his address to the conference, JMB president Fr Paul Connell criticised the Minister’s decision to push ahead with the Admission to Schools Bill despite what he described as a lack of evidence of discrimination by school managers. Read more

Irish Independent: Parents are now providing over 30% of funding in voluntary contributions to help run secondary schools.Read more

Irish Independent: International research indicates that if we can provide a diversity of assessment modes and feedback, we provide teachers and students with enhanced learning experiences. The present stalemate between the Minister and the teacher unions in relation to assessment is a great source of frustration. Read more

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