Media Coverage

Irish Times: General secretary Ferdia Kelly said: “All pupils should be encouraged at this time to realise that each individual is unique and this uniqueness is best described in the variety of gifts, skills and personality types that we possess as human beings.” Read article

Irish Examiner: Ferdia Kelly, general secretary of the JMB said it is important that all young people getting their results are acknowledged and affirmed for the excellence of their achievements.

Irish The Government has been accused of engaging in a ‘phoney’ war on Catholic schools in a bid to deflect attention away from cuts to education.

Irish Examiner: The Joint Managerial Body, representing over half the country’s second-level schools welcomed the prospect of leaving two years of disruption behind, but said time for planning and training are among priorities for implementing changes. Read article

Irish Times: Ferdia Kelly, general secretary of the JMB said  “The key is that schools will have to be relevant to what parents want for their children in providing an excellent education within a certain value system.” Read article

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