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John Curtis, General Secretary of the Joint Managerial Body (JMB), which represents over 400 voluntary schools across the State, told The Irish Catholic that governments in the past had gotten education "one the cheap" due to the work of the Church, religious oderes and voluntary schools in education. Read more

Irish Independent: Read John Curtis, JMB General Secretary's hopes for progress around Junior Cycle reform, the workload of the Principal and other challenges they face.

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Irish Independent: Ferdia Kelly, General Secretary of the JMB, said the new posts for deputy principals would have a positive impact on the management of 372 out of a total of 732 schools.

Irish Examiner: JMB president, Fr. Paul Connell, said schools need to be given the tools to get on with the job, particularly in light of the heavy dependence on technology of junior cycle reforms being voted on by teachers this month.

Irish Times: Seán Ó Foghlú, secretary general of the DES was addressing the JMB conference on digital learning, said one element of its planned five-year digital strategy for schools was to work with the Teaching Council to include ICT in the continuum of teacher education. The council is developing a policy whereby teachers have to demonstrate upskilling in relevant areas to remain on its register. Read article

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