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Irish Times: The Department of Education has defended its decision to close all schools for a second day in the face of criticism from some parents.The Joint Managerial Body, the managment body for second-level schools, also supported the move. “We very much accept that a call was needed at national level in the interests of oveall public safety, ” said John Curtis, the body’s general secretary. Read article

Irish Independent: John Curtis, general secretary of the Joint Managerial Body, representing management in almost 400 secondary schools, said Ireland had a higher ratio of students to teaching staff than the European average, which warranted "attention in order to ensure the ongoing quality of the education".

Irish Times: A senior Church of Ireland figure has defended State funded faith-based schools, saying the fact that over 91.2 per cent of the population proclaims to practise a religion legitimises the current system. Read article

Irish Times: Plans to make schools cut the cost of uniforms and books for parents amount to “unaccepable micro-management,” the president of the country’s largest school management body has said.

Last week Minister for Education Richard Bruton announced plans to link increased capitation payments to schools who implement new cost-cutting measures such as generic uniforms and book rental schemes. Read article

Irish Independent: Parents prefer branded uniforms to cheaper generic clothes because they last longer, the schools' management president claims. Education Minister Richard Bruton's new guidelines on uniform and book costs were also branded a "fig leaf" to cover up inadequate funding for schools. Read article

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