Circular 0054/2017 - Public Service Stability Agreement 2013 – 2018 (Haddington Road Agreement/ Lansdowne Road Agreement)
Revision of Teacher Salaries with effect from 1 September 2017

Irish Examiner: One element of the college entry reforms kicking in this year is resulting in more Leaving Cert students taking Higher Level exams in most subjects. However, long-running proposals to have fewer but more general entry-level courses, particularly by universities, have only been adopted by some colleges. Mr Bruton pushed for greater moves on that question as he congratulated students at Maryfield College in Dublin, just some of the 58,500 school leavers who got their Leaving Certificate results yesterday. Read article

Irish Independent: Leaving Certificate results today show a leap in the number of students aiming for honours, attracted by the first overhaul of grading and CAO points in 25 years.

Irish Times: There are sweeping changes to the Leaving Cert grading system for the 58,550 students who receive their results on Wednesday.

Irish Independent: The way students are assessed in the Leaving Certificate needs to change, according to Maynooth University president Professor Philip Nolan. Prof Nolan said the reliance on the traditional written exams in June was too narrow. Read article

Irish Independent: The most-far reaching reforms in the Leaving Cert in 25 years will kick in on Wednesday when about 58,000 students get their exam results.

Irish Times: The number of primary and secondary school teachers on a career break has increased by a third over the last five years, according to the Department of Education. Schools that have the lowest uptake rate for the HPV vaccine are mostly disadvantaged schools, a study in the Irish Medical Journal has indicated.Read article

Irish Independent: Up to 58,000 Leaving Certificate candidates are awaiting their results - and eager to see the impact of the first changes in 25 years to both the exam grading system and the CAO points scale. Read article

Irish TImes: The drug testing of schools rugby players in Ireland, now considered a risk area in the anti-doping community, is seen as an important issue the IRFU plans to tackle. Read article

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