15th September 2014

The 2014 JMB Education Conference took place on the 15th of September at Croke Park. The Conference set out to support management and teacher-leaders in initiating changes in teaching and learning for the 21st century students who occupy our classrooms.

In his keynote address, Chief Inspector Dr Harold Hislop gave participants an insight into his vision for transforming teaching and learning over the coming years while acknowledging the realities of current schools and classrooms as well as leadership capacity.

Delegates attended workshops delivered by voluntary secondary principals and education specialists who offered practical advice on implementing a range of new professional methodologies at school level.

The second keynote address was given by Mr Norman Emerson, Director of Assessment at NCCA. While outlining the ‘re-imagining assessment’ journey taken by education professionals in Scotland, he affirmed a need for sensible pacing of change in Ireland and acknowledged that ‘one-size does not fit all’ in terms of models of development.

Finally, poet and broadcaster, Theo Dorgan, spoke to delegates on the theme of ‘fostering hope’ and the role of educators as ‘true nation-builders’.

The Conference was attended by over 400 participants and received significant media attention as well as overwhelmingly positive feedback in participants’ evaluations.


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