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The JMB through the Secretariat of Secondary Schools provides a range of advice and support services, in addition to negotiating on behalf of school management in the network of 400 Voluntary Secondary Schools.
The JMB (Joint Managerial Body) was founded in 1972 to represent the interests of all voluntary secondary schools in the Republic of Ireland. It is the main decision-making and negotiating body for the management authorities of over 400 voluntary secondary schools.

The JMB participates actively in various National Committees involved in policy and decision-making in Irish Education.The JMB negotiates on all management issues such as contracts of employment and employer / employee relations. It represents the voluntary secondary schools in negotiations on all issues at national level which affect the management of schools.

In discharging these functions, the JMB meets regularly with the Department of Education and Skills (DES), the Association of Secondary Teachers, Ireland (ASTI), parent groups, other professional educational associations and bodies, other Government Departments and other trade unions. The JMB is a member of the Conciliation and Arbitration Council for Teachers and is represented on other relevant educational bodies such as the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA).

JMB Council
The Council of JMB is composed of representatives of the Association of Management of Catholic Secondary Schools (AMCSS) and the Irish School Heads’ Association (ISA) which represents the Protestant Schools in the State.
The JMB has 27 members:
    • The President
    • 20 members of the Council of AMCSS
      (Association of Management of Catholic Secondary Schools), i.e., Two elected representatives from each of ten AMCSS Regions
    • 3 representatives of ISA (the Irish School Heads' Association)
      representing Protestant Schools in the State.
    • Representative from CORI
    • Irish Episcopal Conference

The JMB delegates various tasks to a Standing Committee of members, made up of the five members of the CMCSS Standing Committee plus an ISA representative.

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