Circular 0047/2017
Supervision and Substitution Scheme–Opt-out and Opt-in Lansdowne Road Agreement
June 2017

Circular 0044/2017
Cost Limits for Post-primary Schools Buildings
June 2017

Circular 0042/2017
Recruitment of Special Needs Assistants (SNAs) - Supplementary Assignment Arrangements for the 2017/18 school year
May 2017

Circular 0041/2017
Supervision and Substitution Scheme – Opt-out and Opt-in
Lansdowne Road Agreement
May 2017

Circular 0035/2017
Assessment Instruments (including tests and web-based resources) approved for use for guidance and/or learning support in post-primary schools from May 2017 until further notice.
April 2017

Circular 0034/2017
Gaeltacht School Recognition Scheme
April 2017

Circular 0032/2017
Measures to be adopted by schools to reduce the cost of school uniforms and other costs
April 2017

Circular 0031/2017
Prescribed material for the Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement (JCPA) in English. For students commencing Junior Cycle in September 2017 only.
April 2017

Circular 0025/2017
Revision of Pay Rates in 2017 for Grant funded School Secretaries, Caretakers and Cleaners employed by the Boards of Management of Voluntary Secondary Schools in the Free Education Scheme and Associated increases in Grant funding for same.
March 2017

Circular 0023/2017
Revision of Salaries with Effect from 1st April 2017 for Clerical Officers and Caretakers employed under the 1978 Scheme
March 2017

Circular 0022/2017
Revision of Salaries for Special Needs Assistants (SNAs) with Effect from 1st April 2017
March 2017

Circular 0018/2017
Prescribed Material for the Junior Certificate/Junior Cycle Examination in 2019 and Leaving Certificate Examination in 2019
March 2017

Circular 0015/2017
Arrangements for the Implementation of the Framework for Junior Cycle with particular reference to school years 2017/18 and 2018/19
March 2017

Circular 0014/2017
Special Education Teaching Allocation

Circular 0016/2017
Statutory Requirements for the Retrospective Vetting of Teaching Staff, Non-Teaching Staff and Others.
February 2017

FAQs on Retrospective Vetting
February 2017

Circular 00010/2017
Authorised allocation of teaching posts for the 2017/18 school year
February 2017

Circular 0009/2017
Standardisation of the School Year for the years 2017/18, 2018/19 and 2019/20.
February 2017

Circular 0006/2017
Prescribed Material for the Leaving Certificate English Examination in 2019
February 2017

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