W1 Mental health in schools: What can we do and what should we do?
Charlotte Wilson
W2 Getting ready for GDPR padlock
Marianne B. Matthews & Brian M. Matthews
W3 Wellbeing of School Management padlock
Paul O’Grady
W4 Synergy amongst teachers: How to promote a culture of improvement, collaboration, innovation and creativity in teaching and learning
Billy Redmond
 W5 Best practice in deploying special educational needs resources padlock
Brendan Doody & Lisa White
 W6 Fitness to Teach - Review padlock
Finola O’Dwyer & Karen Eastwood Lovett
W7 Principles for Principals: Tools to aid you to manage your school’s spend more effectively padlock
Sean Bresnan
W8 The Subconscious Staffroom
Dr Belinda Moller & Dr Michael Redmond
W9 The chairperson’s and the board’s responsibilities under the Children First Act and the Child Protection Procedures 2017 padlock
Jack Cleary
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